Audio & Visual Equipment

The following equipment is available to rent for any event within the Alexandria Convention Center. All fees are charged per day and are subject to the 9.95% tax and 22% gratuity charge. Audio/Visual packages are available.

Audio Visual
Video Projector$75.00
8-Foot Portable Projection Screen$50.00
10-Foot Portable Projection Screen$70.00
20-Foot Dropdown Screen & Projector* *Located in the Diamond & Pearl$100.00
Lobby 42” Flat Screen Television$100.00
TV/DVD Player$40.00
Power Strip$7.50
Extension Cord$7.50
Flip Chart (including easel & markers)$30.00
Whiteboard (including markers & eraser)$35.00
Tripod Easel$7.50
Table-Top Wood Podium$25.00
Wood Podium$35.00
Plexiglas Podium$50.00
House Sound System$35.00
Portable Sound System$50.00
Hardwired Microphone$15.00
Wireless-Handheld Microphone$15.00
Wireless-Lapel Microphone$15.00
Poly-Com Convention Call System Plus $1.00 per minute for Long Distance Calls Local Phone Calls are Complimentary$50.00
Wireless Internet Complimentary
Dance Floor (3-foot x 3-foot Section Pieces)
Small (144 ft2)$200.00
Medium (450 ft2)$250.00
Large (900 ft2)$400.00
Full (1,323 ft2)$450.00
Stage Piece (per 6-foot x 8-foot Section)$25.00
Presentation Stage (for presentations/ceremonies, concerts, etc.)
Small Stage (192 ft2)$60.00
Large Stage (720 ft2)$180.00
Full Stage (864 ft2)$240.00
Head Table Stage (for lunch/dinner meetings, weddings, galas, etc.)
Small Stage (seats 2-4 guests)$50.00
Medium Stage (seats up to 10 guests)$100.00
Large Stage (seats up to 20 guests)$200.00